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Marketing The End Of the World


Interesting post from Seths Blog about some improvements to the marketing of Global Warming. Yes, calling it 'Atmospheric Cancer' would inspire a lot more fear than 'Global warming', I would go so far as to say that anyone who cares should immediately switch names, gather together whatever horrific pictures they have (like the third degree burns we get here in NZ from the sun, the Antartic Penguins who feel it most and now have to travel hundreds of kilometers for food) and start the re-brand.

Or else, to move it away from a purely marketing exercies, we could get honest. "Noone feels Global Warming". I'm no scientist, but I was in Thailand during the Tsunami a few years ago, and I did get pummeled with media attention over Hurrican Katrina and I have heard of massive earthquakes that are killing hundreds of thousands, warped weather patterns and all sorts of scary stuff. But I've never really heard in mainstream media, the acceptance that this is/could be all part of global warming. The main problem with marketing the end of the world, is that no one really want to yet.

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Hi, I've really enjoyed your site. I love the content. I couldn't find your friend Seth's blog, but I think you're onto something with this "Atmospheric Cancer" name switch. I think it would certainly make a lot of people wake up and start thinking about what we're doing.

I live in the Midwestern United States and our weather has become so messed up over the last few years that it's impossible not to "feel" the effects of "global warming." I wish that alone were enough to wake our country itself up, let alone the rest of the world.

Thanks for blogging about such important issues.

Posted by: Bryan | 03/04/2006

A related link to the topic of your Blog "End of the world 2012"

Posted by: Vijay Kumar | 03/18/2006